Product Design Studio

If you would like to develop innovative products you need a holistic approach. You need to focus on people. You need to understand problems and deliver creative solutions. You need to plan strategically and think sustainable. You need to keep an eye on the whole product context as well as on important details. As an office for product- and industrial design we develop products from ideation through the design process until the final implementation. Our goal is a product which is emotional, functional and timeless.


"A good product is emotional, functional and timeless."

Product Design

We don’t need more products… but we need better products! A deliberated concept and a professional design to the last detail are the base for a successful, sustainable and long living product. Product Design helps you to define a unique selling proposition and underlines you identity and with all its disciplines it is the core competence of SARTORY Design.

Product Redesign

A strategic Product Redesign helps to secure the success of a product for the future. By analyzing the existing we evaluate design options and possibilities for improvements. The goal is to develop products that are more user friendly, more economic and more sustainable.


Product Visualization

A picture speaks a thousand words! Long before there is an existing physical prototype you can communicate your product idea with (photorealistic) renderings. Already in an early project stage 3D Product Visualization / CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) can produce images that wouldn’t be possible in real world.