Product Design

Design as the driving force behind innovative products.

The key to a successful and long-living product is a smart and detailed design. Only high quality products are sustainable and capable to survive in the future. Industrial design services help you to define a unique selling proposition and underline your position and identity in the market. At the beginning of each design process a situation analysis and a basic research are the first steps to evaluate chances and needs. Based on the results new design concepts and possibilities are created, visualized and prototyped. In the end many different factors are fused together to turn an innovative design idea into a tangible product. In all those different steps SARTORY Design supports you to create a meaningful and economical successful product.

Product Redesign

Economic and Ecologic „Finetuning“

Strategical product optimization secures the success of a product for the future. Design improvements will be evaluated by analyzing the product in detail. The goal is to create more economic and more sustainable product concepts to ensure a successful market position.

SARTORY_3D-Visualisierung_2s SARTORY_3D-Visualisierung_1s

Product Visualization

Saving time and money with 3D Visualization

Convince your clients with your product ideas long before there is an existing physical prototype. Photorealistic renderings can be created by means of the latest 3D visualization software already in a very early project state. You can communicate your ideas in a virtual space and safe a lot of time and money if you use computer generated images for your internal communication or external marketing purposes.

Generating value by holistic and sustainable product design.

Design Research

Understanding User and Market

A product can only be successful if it is understood in a holistic perspective. A research phase at the beginning of each project offers a fundamental base for the following development. The goal is to define customer needs and market requirements.

Innovation + Startup

Making Ideas Tangible

You have an idea and need a professional partner to develop the idea? You are planning a start-up or a kickstarter project and search for holistic support? SARTORY Design helps you throughout all development phases starting from ideation, 3D visualization, CAD construction, marketing and finally until market launch.

CAD Construction

Detailed Parametric Construction

Parametric CAD tools provide a fast way to create and adjust design data that you can use for visualization, prototyping or the final product construction. Complex and detailed structures can be setup easily for the communication with manufacturers. Due to the parametric programming changes within the development process can be implemented easily and time saving. The CAD data package lifts your project up to the next level of development and is essential for a successful design process.